This is my first book and is based on fact but I had to fictionize it to protect the guilty and change some of the events so I wasn’t looking over my shoulder all the time. I used a pseudonym believing certain people wouldn’t know who the author was, but alas that didn’t work.

A funny thing happened when I sold a set of books to a chap who claimed he never read books, he was buying them for his wife.

Several days later he rang me telling me I was the enemy. When I asked him what he was talking about he said that his wife had started ready one of my books and all he could hear for a whole day was oohs and aahs, no doubt relating to what she was reading.

He said he then decided to have a look at one of the books, Killer of Innocence, and before long he couldn’t put it down and was up all-night reading till he had finished.

With a sigh I relaxed and thanked him for his call telling him he would enjoy the rest of my books as much. I also asked him to let me know what he thought of the other books as I was happy to have both good and bad critiquing.

Killer of Innocence