In this book I wanted to deviate a bit so started this story in England.

I then brought the main character to Australia and once again to places I have been to and found enjoyable and challenging.

Putting a Lady into the north of Western Australia, totally out of her comfort zone, how she coped and adapted to our way of life in the outback seemed to please many of my readers.

Moving her to Kalgoorlie, another place I have spent many hours gold prospecting, certainly tested the woman’s mettle.

Once again there is adventure, romance and treachery all bundled in the one book, a good read by all accounts.


I am now writing another novel of the same genre but a whole new cast of ‘goodies and baddies’.

Once again the background of the story is based in places I have been to.

The story line so far has me spending many nights at the keyboard with eyes closed and fingers speeding across the keys as the story unfolds from the jumble of words in my head.

Sometimes I am amazed where all these words come from, but I am eternally grateful for which ever cogs turn over in my brain and enable me to spit them out.

I am also very grateful to have a wonderful designer for the cover of my books and the formatting.

I believe the cover of a book can determine whether to buy or not buy, and my covers certainly catch the eye. Thank you, Luke.

Also, another vital component is the quality of printing and I thank Snap Print Hobart for their excellent work.

But most of all, you my readers are paramount to my success as an author, thank you.

Shaft of Memories