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Travel Lust!

Hi, Trish George here, Mystery Writer, Traveller, Artist and I enjoy photography.

This photo is of me on one of my adventures with my gorgeous Bella.

I travelled round Australia from 1997 – 2016 with some stationary times in Western Australia dealing with family matters.

During my journeys I kept a diary and took hundreds of photos which were translated into my travel books. I wrote 6 in all and have 1 more to write, pertaining to the trip I made back to the West last year.

I started out on my first part of my travels with just a tent, which soon became a hassle, so I graduated up to a camper trailer. This mode of travel lasted several years.

Then as the years went by, and as I got older, I had several more comfortable modes of transport eventually arriving here in Tasmania in a motorhome.

My travel books have photos as well as the written word and are available for sale through my website. So, come and enjoy my travels, you won’t be sorry.

Cheers Trish