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Bruny Island   Tasmania

Hello, Trish here again.

Well this past week has been very enjoyable. My dear friend Christine from Albany in Western Australia came over to spend some time with me and we certainly had some catching up to do.

For Chris it was mainly relax time to recharge the batteries. We did go shopping and on Thursday did a trip over to Bruny Island, very enjoyable.

The car carrier was most reasonable, price wise, and it took just 15mins to travel from Kettering across to Bruny.

Our First stop was the Whisky factory where they sold all manner of drinks exclusively made here in Tasmania, what a variety.

Even though I don’t drink I could appreciate the range on offer. Also they sold Alpaca wool scarves and shawls at a very reasonable price, had to have one, of course.

Our next stop was the cheese factory where we had lunch. Yum!

Some wonderful sour dough bread had just come out of the oven and I just had to get some, double Yum!

We then travelled on to Adventure Bay with its lovely beach, great caravan park and magnificent views.

On our return journey we pulled into the Honey shop and a honey ice cream was the order.

Next came the Chocolate factory and more delicious treats. They also had some lovely gift ideas for young and old, I was taken with some beautiful tea caddies and I bought one for my Chai latte mix, another delight I have acquired.

By now we are both full with all the decadent foods we had sampled so we decided to head home for a nap.

Friday, on the way to the airport we stopped off at the Sushi Train in Hobart which is down on the waterfront, and had lunch, which was a eating experience like none other.

The last two days of Chris’s stay all we seemed to do was eat, but what a glorious pastime.

Chris flew with Virgin direct from Perth to Hobart and she said it was a great service, nice to know.

Nice to talk to you again.