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What a journey I've been on. No I haven't been on holiday, or though I wish it had been that, instead I've been fighting this insidious flu.

It put me in bed for 6 weeks then I had to get my strength back, and that was no mean feat.

Having my beautiful furry companion certainly helped me, especially when I was at my worse she would put her head on my chest and give little mewing sounds, other times she would do things to make me laugh, best medicine in the world.

Before getting sick I did a trip to Richmond and did a good explore. There is a lot to see especially if you poke into places behind other buildings, some real treasures.

I also went to the Zoo nearby, a must see if in Richmond.

I have got back into the new book but find it hard going at present, juices not flowing as they should, no doubt the old brain box will start behaving soon.

There was a huge fire here completely destroying the amenities block which housed the camp kitchen too. It was heart breaking to see it all go up in flames, especially as the owners had just finished redoing all the showers, beautiful tiles and 5 star for sure.

The owners are real troupers, picked themselves up, dusted themselves of and got stuck into building a new block.

Well I will close for now but I will keep you posted in the coming months as I have quite a few items on my calendar..

Cheers for now, take care