Well here it is. It was a long time in the making but thankfully I was able to finish.

But that's not all. I now have a sequel bussing around inside my

head so I guess it's bum down and get it on paper before the

mind blank happens again. I have a small competition happening.

If you can come up with a title for new book & I like it I will send you

a free copy of this book as well as the sequel.

The novel is fast moving & full of action, probably because I wanted

to get it finished.

Well 2022 is having a myriad of do's & don'ts and if you are like me,

slightly confused to what we can & can't do.

The park is starting to fill up with eastern states holiday makers which

is a good sign that Tassie is still a popular 'GO TO' place.

Well that's about it for now.

Don't forget to enter the competition.

Till next time stay well, happy & safe. Trish & Bella