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May - November 1997

Hi my name is Trish George and I’m the author of mystery novels which you can view on my website,

I am also the writer of six travel books which I wrote while travelling around Australia for over eighteen years.

The first book was about my trip in 1997 which was a rather extensive one.

As you can see it has a quirky title and there is a story behind how I got such a title.

While travelling north in Western Australia I met many people doing likewise, but one particular couple would toot if they passed me while I was taking a break. Then when I passed them, doing the same, I would toot, wave and smile.

This went on all the way to Broome

My first night in Broome I was tired from all the travelling so I thought I would treat myself to a nice Chinese meal.

As I walked into the restaurant a loud voice could be heard saying, ‘look honey there’s the travelling old tart’.

Well you could have heard a pin drop. Then his wife punched him on the arm telling him that was a terrible thing to say.

 Me, well I couldn’t stop laughing, the rest of the diners eventually saw the funny side and also laughed.

I told him I thought it was hilarious and I would let all know that my new handle on the CB was T.O.T.

Hence the title of the book. 

They asked me to join them, which I did and had a wonderful night.

The following day was the Broome races and as I was wandering round the pavilion I bumped into the same person, he was a race caller from Albany, small world.

All my travel books have photos of places I’ve been to.

If you would like any of them go to my shopping cart on my website and I will get back to you with price etc.